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    Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS)

    AMTS is India's largest Municipal Transport Service for local conveyance. It is a voluntary service managed by Amdavad Municipal Corporation under Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act.

    Head Office:Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service,
    Out Side Jamalpur Darwaja,
    Main Officer:Transport Manager
    H.O. Working Days/Hours:Monday to Saturday except 2nd and 4th Saturday & Public Holidays
    10:30 to 18:10 Hrs. Recess: 14:00 to 14:30 Hrs
    Cash Transactions Time:11:00 to 16:00 Hrs

    Details of AMTS Bus Terminus'/Depots

    Sr. No.Name of TerminusNature of WorkName of Ward
    1Lal DarwajaBus Terminus/Cash CabinRaikhad
    2Wadaj TerminusBus Terminus/Cash CabinWadaj
    3Wadaj Bus StandBus StandWadaj
    4Paldi Bus StandBus StandPaldi
    5Paldi DepotNight ParkingPaldi
    6Navrangpura Bus StandBus StandNavrangpura
    7Sarangpur Bus TerminusTerminus/Cash CabinSarangpur
    8Naroda Bus TerminusTerminus/Cash CabinNaroda
    9Vasna Bus TerminusTerminus/Cash CabinVasna
    10Hatkeshwar Bus TerminusTerminus/Cash CabinHatkeshwar
    11Akhbarnagar  TerminusBus TerminusNava Wadaj
    12Sola Housing TerminusBus TerminusNaranpura
    13Kalupur TerminusTerminus/Cash CabinKalupur
    14JamalpurDepot / ParkingBehrampura
    15Sabarmati AcherPrivate ParkingSabarmati
    16Memnagar DepotDepot/Pvt. parkingNavrangpura
    17Naroda-MemcoDepot / ParkingNaroda
    18MillatnagarDepot / Parking/Cash CabinDanilimda
    19Shrinath DepotPrivate ParkingWadaj

    For more information visit AMTS Web-site