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    Data Of Amdavad Municipal Corporation Area - Census 2011

    Total no. of House Holds:1179823
    Total Population:5577940
    Total Male Population:2938985
    Total Female Population:2638955
    Total Population between 0 to 6 years:621034
    Total Male Population between 0 to 6 years:336063
    Total Female Population between 0 to 6 years:284971
    Total SC Population:594523
    Total SC Male Population:312622
    Total SC Female Population:281901
    Total ST Population:66846
    Total ST Male Population:35490
    Total ST Female Population:31356
    Total Literate Population:4376393
    Total Literate Male Population:2402523
    Total Literate Female Population:1973870
    Total Illiterate Population:1201547
    Total Illiterate Male Population:536462
    Total Illiterate Female Population:665085

    Click here to download Ward-wise Data of AMC Area: Census 2011.